Airport Runway Cleaning
    Heat Exchanger /
    Condenser Tube Cleaning
    Pipe Cleaning
    Surface Cleaning /     Preparation
    Hydrodemolition /
    Concrete Penatration
    Cold/Water Jet Cutting
    Airport Runway Cleaning
    Wet Sand Blasting
    Process Equipment

An Ultra-high-pressure precision water jet system that uses extremely little water, thus offering completely new operating conditions for airport runway and taxiway rubber and paint removal and maintenance.

Applying the new, revolutionary technology offers significant advantages regarding:

  • Reduction of costs - less cleaning cycles.
  • Surface protection - no damage to micro and macro texture.
  • Environmental care - very low water and fuel consumption; no chemical use.
  • Applicability on all kind of surfaces such as asphalt, anti-skid, petro-grip, concrete-grooved or non-grooved.
  • Low waste removal expenses because of low water volumes used.
  • Universal application of the systems for cleaning of sealing joints, concrete renovation, cleansing of steel and concrete areas, cleaning of apron areas, oil spill removal, etc.