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Our main focus is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger we clean. Advantech Services has the experience required to review your particular conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every application.


Given the job parameters, we successfully implement high pressure water jetting. Proper assessment of the conditions affecting each plant is crucial in choosing the correct course of action. We work closely with our clients to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution, taking into account tube base metal compositions, base metal conditions, corrosion control,fouling agent, scale composition, cleaning window, safety and environmental concerns.

We are using the specialized high pressure water jetting equipment to satisfy the majority of our project requirements. The net result is a package designed to provide complete 360° I.D. tube cleaning without harming tube base metal. With Operating pressure ranging from 5,000- 40,000 PSI, we can effectively de-scale/ de-chocking the tubes, that may be adamant or sticky in nature.

Rigid Tube lancing system :

The Rigid lancing system is innovative because unlike any other similar type of cleaning system, there are no external air or hydraulic motors, and it uses the water pressure to force the cleaning lance through the exchanger tube. Even the most severely plugged tubes are no match for rigid lancing's driving force.

Lancing system features:

  • Tube Length - Minimum and maximum stroke required.
  • Operating Pressure - Corresponds with pumps and cleaning requirements.
  • Lance Configuration - Single or Dual Rotary.
  • 4-Lance Non-Rotary.
  • Lance Size, OD - Determined by minimum tube diameter.
  • Manual or Powered XY Positioner.
  • More powerful, reliable, safer and productive than any manual method.
  • Reduced personnel exposure to hazardous chemical/water splash.
  • The most powerful lancing option wherever a rigid lance can be used.
  • Modular components for versatility and easy conversion when needed.


  • Cleans all tube materials without harm, from brass through titanium.
  • Inhibits corrosion and extends tube life by removing corrosive deposits from tube I.D. and tube pits.
  • Cleans any length and diameter of straight or U-tube heat exchanger.
  • Extends maximum operating efficiency by removing fine layer of silt and organic debris which is missed by mechanical cleaning and leads to rapid refouling.
  • Removes any foreign scale deposit.
  • Environmental Safety - No chemical discharges, or hazardous waste removal.
  • Custom designed cleaning nozzles which offer full 360° I.D. cleaning without streaking tube.
  • Multiple lance systems-up to 8 (or more) operators for fast cleaning of large main condensers.
  • Radiological waste minimization with the use of our positive shut off pressure control systems.
  • Cost Effective - restored baseline performance and extended refouling rates; promptly recovers job expense (in exponential fashion).