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Renovation and replacement of deteriorated concrete bridges, substructures, and roadways are of vital concern to highway and bridge maintenance personnel. As the demand for safe and efficient selective demolition work increases, so does the demand for better methods to expedite the demolition process. Our 10,000 -40,000 psi waterjet systems provide a cost effective and environmentally sound solution.

Conventional methods for removal of deteriorated concrete traditionally include jack hammering. Jack hammering disadvantages are time consuming and costly. Dust, noise pollution, other safety factors are a constant concern for all involved.


  • Minimizes removal of sound concrete while removing all deteriorated concrete
  • No additional structural damage is created
  • Rebar is cleaned, undamaged, and free of corrosive chlorides
  • Eliminates dust, greatly reduces noise
  • Saves time in demolition, as well as rebar replacement and repair