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Maintaining the supply and return piping associated with condenser/heat exchanger/process plant operation is an important task. Piping system neglect can lead to reduced cooling water flow capacity and damaging corrosive attack. Associated costs include increased electrical power usage, decreased component operating efficiency. Innovations in the design of semi-automated high pressure rotary cleaning nozzles enables to cleaning of any diameter pipe lines. Traditional pipeline cleaning methods exhibit inherent drawbacks ranging from poor results and low productivity levels to high cost and environmental concerns.

Our state-of-the-art self-rotating cleaning nozzles can produce "white metal" levels of cleanliness (when necessary) from even the most highly fouled conditions, at pressures up to 40,000 psi. Our safe and effective methods offer removal of tenacious scale deposits, corrosion build-up, failed coatings, zebra mussels, marine molluscs, and MIC corrosion cells without damaging pipeline base metal. When safety, time and cost are high priority, we offers the latest in effective cleaning solutions.

RDR- Force Feed Rotary Pipe Cleaning System:

The RDR is a Force Feed Rotary Pipe and Tube Cleaning System which operates by rotating the entire length of the high pressure hose. This allows the system to incorporate major advantages over conventional fixed jet, or rotary jet systems.

  • Speed of rotation is accurately controllable between 16 and 144 RPM which allows the operator to set a speed suitable for the effective cleaning/breaking down of the encrustation in the pipe.
  • Specially designed jets advance down the pipe of the tube in a spiral motion against the wall. This ensures maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • The forward/reverse speed unit synchronizes forward/reverse motion with rotational speed. This guarantees 100% coverage of the internal surface and stripe free cleaning.
  • The system can be set up to remove hard, soft, brittle or elastic materials from different pipe materials i.e. metal, concrete, plastic, etc., without damage to the pipe.
  • The system handles the cleaning procedure mechanically, Pumps of much higher horsepower can be used. This allows for long lengths to be efficiently cleaned without dismantling. Large diameter pipes can be cleaned, without man entry.
  • Because the HP Hose is rotating, the friction against pipe walls is dramatically reduced. This allows up to 15 bends (depending on length and size of pipe) to be negotiated without hose jamming