Storage Tank Cleaning

We have capability to clean any type of tank and expertise in a wide range of tank cleaning methods. We will consider all factors and select the most efficient one for each project, taking into account the type of material, amount of down time, the amount of product and the type of waste (hazardous or non-hazardous). For m ore than five years we have been providing cleaning of tanks and removing sludge from ponds, pits. Our Tank Cleaning Services has perfected a variety of techniques. If your job calls for a simple solution, we apply one. But if a high-tech answer works best for you, we offer the most advanced systems available.

Whether you have one tank to be cleaned or an entire tank farm or terminal, ASPL has the trained personnel and equipment to do the job at a competitive price. Utilizing our experience can save your company time and money on your next tank cleaning project.

We’ve Cleaned Tanks, Tanks, and More Tanks.

These tanks were cleaned for:

  • Product change.
  • Periodical cleaning.
  • API 653 internal inspections.
  • Repairs or modifications.
  • Decommissioning or Demolition.

Methodology of cleaning:


ASPL desludges surfaces by adjusting the viscosity of material to keep solids in suspension, strip solids and bottom sediments ie, sludge from the tank into secondary containments like Barrels/tankers. For disposal using High pressure systems and combination of desludging systems provided by us. High pressure jets are introduced into the tank to fluidize and extract the bulk of the remaining sludge. This process will continue until the bulk of the solids have been removed.


Fine Cleaning

The Clean out openings would be opened and t he tank interior is washed with thoroughly using high pressure jetting or proprietary surfactant mixtures under moderate pressure. The process leaves tanks clean, gas-free and ready for inspection or hot work permitting.