Heat Exchanger /
    Condenser Tube Cleaning
    Pipe Cleaning
    Surface Cleaning /     Preparation
    Hydrodemolition /
    Concrete Penatration
    Cold/Water Jet Cutting
    Airport Runway Cleaning
    Wet Sand Blasting
    Process Equipment

Hydrojetting also known as water jetting is the process of using high and ultra-high pressure water to clean open and enclosed areas (even areas that are difficult to access). Using water pressure from 5,000 psi to 40,000 psi, these techniques have been used in practically every industry where cleaning and descaling is required.

 Key Benefits

  • Environmental Friendly. 
  • Cost effective Performance.
  • Power & Versatality .
  • Increase in productivity & consumes less time.


We provide Hydrojetting services ranging from 5,000 to 40,000 PSI pressure. These Hydrojetting machine are diesel/electrical (FLP/Non FLP) driven with various type of nozzles and accessories to suit with the requirements.


  • Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tube cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Surface cleaning/preparation
  • Hydrodemolition/Concrete penatration
  • Cold Cutting/ Water jet cutting
  • Airport Runway Cleaning
  • Wet Sand blasting
  • Process Equipments cleaning